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A Light Up Pet Collar Is A Fun Toy For Your Dog


Your pet may very well appreciate the novelty of having a light up pet collar. In fact, he or she may even be frightened at first to have the bright lights shining into his or her eyes. By the way, that's not surprising. Although dogs usually like to be pampered and feel special, there are some who don't seem to get it.

Light up pet collars provide a great way to get your dog to use his leash and follow commands. All you need to do is give him or her a treat when he or she does something nice, like, say, bring his or her food dish to you. Be sure to always praise your dog when he or she does good things, and always reward the dog for doing good things right away. When using the light up pet collar to show your dog that he or she is doing something nice, be sure you do it in the presence of an adult. Otherwise, the lights will distract the dog from what he or she is doing.

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Don't be afraid to put the light on the dog. If you have a puppy or an adult dog, it can be even more fun if you do it during playtime. Remember, the adult dog will also be looking at the dog. What you may do is train the dog that he or she has to get off the couch as soon as the lights come on so that the lights won't distract him or her.

When putting the lights on, it's important to be sure that they are above eye level and that they shine directly into the dog's eyes. When using the collar to train the dog, remember to reward the dog once he or she gets it right, or he or she will associate the eye level lights with negative things. For example, instead of being rewarded for playing nicely, he or she might be punished for ignoring you.

You should be aware that the lights used for this purpose can be very bright. And again, they do tend to be distracting. It's important to ensure that the eyes of the dog are in a good light level so that he or she can see well.

If the lights seem to cause the dog to squint, remember that it may be due to the fact that the dog's eyes are very sensitive to bright lights. You might try using different varieties of lights that are not as bright. Or you could ask your veterinarian about alternatives to the light up pet collar.


You may even be concerned that your dog will become disoriented when the lights come on, but most dogs do respond well to the different colors, like red, yellow, blue, and green. After all, there is nothing like seeing your dog's eyes glow in the night. And after you have your dog trained in this manner, you may want to continue with other colors and patterns that you choose.

As you can see, a light up pet collar can be a fun toy for your dog. Just remember to use it correctly so that your dog can fully benefit from it and enjoy the fun and joy it brings.

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