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AIDI Led Pet Supplies Brand Story

AIDI brand core value:

Create a dynamic, safe and fashionable life for people and pets all over the world!

To create a better life with Technology!

AIDI brand origin:

AIDI brand comes from the homonym of "love her" in Chinese, "love her, love yourself".

To be safety and health as well as vogue, enjoy a beautiful and a happy life together for eternal time.

AIDI brands expresses of a better life, the intention to create a safe and fashionable, happy life.

one of the AIDI brands is SaferNite, it means a safe night, is a interpretation of a better life! It also hope to Warm every heart that yearns for happiness all over the world.

-High-quality Founder Introduction And Professional Company

Here comes AIDI

From the goodness and integrity of China

Longing for peace and beauty

Be an honest and noble AIDI person

Face all difficulties

Go forward


All for creating a better life

LED lighting through the textile

Complete the great career of fashion, safety, vitality and healthy life

Wish every partner and our common career gain the power of the universe under our joint training.

And achieve the nourishment of nature to lead a happy life.

-High-quality Founder Introduction And Professional Company-1

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