LED pet collar
How many people in Aidi R&D department?
High visibility vest R&D has been at the heart of our company since the beginning. We have gathered a number of R&D talents. Our R&D team creates trustworthy products, systems and services that contribute to improving the quality of your business. Our developmental activities are closely tied to our market focuses.

Focused on light up dog collar, AIDI has been improving in this industry. dog collar accessory is the main product of Dongguan Aidi Flashing product tech Co., Limited. It is diverse in variety. The high quality and good usability give the product an edge to compete in the global market. It is appropriate for use in all weather conditions. Aidi cooperates with many outstanding light up dog collar suppliers. It can be extruded into any shape with its light not being affected.

Relying on professional team and advanced technology, AIDI has the great dream to be the leading light up dog leash manufacturer in the future. Please contact us!
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