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How much will it take for dog toy accessory materials?
It occupies around twenty to thirty percent of the total cost for the dog toy accessory. The figure fluctuates because of the periodical changes. In some season, the supplies of materials may be in short and the price would rise. Also, the macro environment is a factor. The change of the policy, for example, the central inspection that now is the 2nd round has a certain influence on the industry chain. In the future, we would like to establish a complete supply chain so that we could avoid the negative external impacts.
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Dongguan Dongguan Aidi Flashing product tech Co., Limited Flashing Products Tech Co., Limited is a specialized running vest manufacture and supplier. According to the material, Aidi's products are divided into several categories, and running waist light is one of them. This product has the required hand-feel. Its fabrics feature enough softness, stiffness, bending rigidity, smoothness, and compressibility. It is lightweight, sturdy and durable for wear. Not only is the high comfort level useful for those who regularly experience night insomnia, but the hypoallergenic characteristics and antimicrobial properties are truly ideal for anyone. It is fully adjustable to fit almost any size along with a quick release buckle.
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The company acts positively to the sustainable development plan for the environment. Apart from the fact that we have strict control over the production pollution amount, we also encourage customers and people to recycle and reuse their packaging bags or boxes. Dongguan Aidi Flashing Products Tech Co., Limited

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