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I have a dream


Dear AIDI colleagues, my dearest brothers and sisters:

Today, I want to tell you that although today's LED pet supplies and LED outdoor sports supplies industry is full of bad competition and greed, AIDI has been hit hard in this field, and there are some voices of doubt, but I still have a sincere and firm dream! This dream is deeply rooted in my mind, my bone marrow, and my soul!

My dream is that AIDI will rise up in the harsh business competition and become an outstanding company. AIDI will become a respectable company, engaging in a good cause, spreading the yearning for a better life, and providing fashionable, energetic and safe daily necessities for people all over the world. My real value of life is to purse this dream!

I dream that one day, in the blood-red sea of commerce, no businessman will run a business just for the pursuit of money and interests, but to manage the truth with the heart of entrepreneurship, to pursue a better heart, to explore the true meaning of life, so that more people will be happy!

I have a dream that one day, every AIDI person can have a dream of their own, and will never be pushed to take care of a nursing baby as passive as a nanny, but should be like a great mother with love and sincerity to pay the price for the baby's prosperity. This is the true embodiment of a good life!

 I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, in the fierce business competition, I will still pursue my dream with passion and enthusiasm, and never fall into depression, slackness and mediocrity!

Today I have a dream!

I have a dream that one day, AIDI will never drift with the tide. I dream that one day, even on a snowy winter night, AIDI's products will bring vitality to everyone! In the process of pursuing this dream, our life will become more tenacious and better!

I have a dream!

I dream that all people will walk out of the darkness together with their beloved pets and enjoy vitality and fashion. AIDI's LED fashionable outdoor products will make the world more fashionable, and happier. This is my expectation, but also my concept for AIDI! With this ideal, we can eliminate the industry's bad competition which bring us pain, we will create a happy movement; With this concept, we can discuss together, work together, struggle together to create this noble cause! We firmly believe that one day, our products will become the label of industry, set an example for future generations! Even if our bodies are dying, our souls and our creations will live forever! Therefore, the spark of life is more gorgeous! This is not arrogance, this is the bloom of our lives!

AIDI -- all for creating a better life!

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