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S14 led waist belt


S14 Led Waist Belt


As an athlete, running, jogging or exercising at night seems like a brilliant idea. However, one has to be really careful as visibility at nighttime is poor. This can lead to fatal accidents and injuries. Stay safe and improve your visibility with our AIDI flashing product LED waist belt.


As an added advantage. When it comes to parties, concerts or occasions, use our AIDI s14 LED Waist belt. It has multi flashing lights that give your dressing a unique, flashy look. Bring out a better version of yourself when you use the S14 LED waist belt.


The S14 LED Waist Belt Light Bands provide athletes and anyone wanting to be seen at night with the best safety light. This highly visible LED and reflective light band will allow you to be seen by motorists for well over a 1/4 mile away from dusk to dawn. The belt can be easily modified, is lightweight and is comfortable. One size ideally suits. Wear as a sash, a belt or even around your neck. Nylon waist belt with reflective material and LED light strip Hi-Vision LED lights 


Simplicity at its finest:

· Sling this belt over your body or around your waist, and you'll be visible from all angles.

· This rechargeable USB LED belts are lightweight. They can be plugged to any USB port, and they are fast charging. 

· Great fit for bikes, runners and walkers. Nice to tie around or over your backpack. This LED 

· They don't need an efficient external light source. It has a great inbuilt light source of its own.

· Brand new, premium quality. The belt is manufactured using the latest and advanced materials, giving it a sleek and premium design.                     

· The belt is washable. Just be careful for the water not to get into the battery compartment. 


Features of the S14 Led Waist Belt

· A flexible LED core is embedded in a sturdy nylon band-the closure is safe and adjustable so you can be relaxed while running. This is an edge when compared to other products on the market as you can move around with complete ease.

· Great gift for runners-LED light won't get hot-keep your loved one safe with fast or slow flashing lights. The belt doesn't get hot when used for a long time.

· LED waistbands is a fun decoration for concerts, whether party life at the next rave or your dancing colored lights.

· LED lighted waistband improves visibility during night sports-be seen by cars after dark when biking, bicycling or even walking.

· Contact mode of action-bright steady light, slow or quick blinking-better visibility than protective jackets or other reflective sports equipment.


This belt brings a whole new vibe into fashion and sporting and is a complete game-changer. You should consider using this belt because:


This Bright Belt Is A Lifesaver: It gives you visibility of 360 degrees. It is 100 times better than any other option as it reflects AND illuminates oncoming light. There's no way anyone will forget wearing this. Vehicles will see you well in advance 


Multiple Applications: See when you walking, biking, hiking, swimming, riding and motorcycling. Also ideal for child protection, protection at roadside, building, law enforcement and airport workers. By the way, the whole family can wear it as it suits men, women and children


User-Friendly: Convenient, Completely Customizable & Flexible-Change the light with just 1 click between "Flash" and "Glow." The LED Belt is no hassle to put on thanks to the quick to use clips. For a comfortable fit the straps are easy to change and elastic. With the flexible design, you will have full freedom of movement: wear it on the hip, over the shoulder or click it around your backpack


USB Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight, Robust & Strong Materials: The Micro USB rechargeable battery (Cable Included) offers up to 20 hours of flashing mode lighting. No difficulty replacing batteries, and no extra costs. It's well-built and sturdily built on top of that.


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