Where is Aidi located?
The address of Dongguan Aidi Flashing product tech Co., Limited can be obtained by browsing the official website or directly making contact with the staff. The past few years have witnessed the fast development of the company shifting from a small-scale enterprise to a company fully equipped with advanced machines and experienced employees. By virtue of superior-quality extra small led dog collar and service, we have attracted many customers to pay a visit. It is highly recommended that customers make contact with us first and we will arrange our staff to pick them up at the designated place.
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The AIDI branded reflective running gear is exported to the global market with high quality as a word of mouth. According to the material, Aidi's products are divided into several categories, and led slap bracelet is one of them. The materials of AIDI running arm lights are sourced from suppliers that enforce strict social standards in their factories. It saves expenditure with less power consumption. Our adherence to rigorous industry standards for quality fully guarantees that the product is of the premium quality. It is appropriate for use in all weather conditions.
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Dongguan Aidi Flashing Products Tech Co., Limited has been trying to make ourselves a top brand in China's led arm band industry. Please contact us!

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