Rechargeable AIDI-C7 Reflective Dog Collar

Rechargeable AIDI-C7 Reflective Dog Collar


Your dog needs to be visible in the night time to avoid accidents and injuries. We understand how much you love your dog, which is why we have manufactured the rechargeable AIDI – C7 Reflective Dog Collar. It is guaranteed to keep you and your designer dog collars,dog collars and leash
dog safe in night time and in dark conditions.


With this bright collar, cars can see your dog well in advance. You can switch the light between steady mode, fast flashing or slow flashing with just one button. The simple-to-use clips make the LED Dog Collar simple to place on your dog.

This Dog collar also comes with a rechargeable battery. The USB rechargeable battery (including cable) offers 5 hours of lighting per 1-hour charge. A charge that endures many walks. No difficulty replacing batteries, and no extra costs. It's well-built and sturdily built on top of that. A robust build which is going to last a lifetime! You and your dog are going to be even healthier and more noticeable. Wherever you go: they will see you and your child.


Simplicity at its finest:

  • Sling this reflective collar over your dog’s neck and it will be visible from all angles.
  • The Reflective dog collar are very lightweight. They can be plugged to any USB port, and they are fast charging. 
  • It doesn’t need an external light source. It has a great inbuilt light source of its own.
  • Brand new, premium quality. The Rechargeable dog collar is manufactured usingdesigner dog collars,dog collars and leash
    the latest and advanced materials, giving it a sleek and premium design.                     


Features of the Rechargeable AIDI-C7 Reflective Dog Collar

  • SAFETY PET COLLAR: Allows your pet dog to be seen in low light and traffic situations, which will help keep your dog safe. The LED light is visible at night at approx. 500 meters (1640 ft.) under appropriate charging status.
  • ONE SIZE For ALL DOGS: When you obtain the flash dog collar, you may cut to desired length, easily because it is TPU content. It is also a great fit for any dog and you can purchase for your puppy or mature dog.
  • WEATHERPROOF&WATER-RESISTANT: Ideal for all rain conditions, robust, waterproof and lightweight. It's made of quality TPU material, provides bright LED light, keeps your pet healthy and keeps it safe.
  • THREE GLOW MODES&GREAT PERFORMANCE; Fast flash, slow flash, stead glow just push the on / off button; Lithium-ion battery provides unrivaled performance, it's environmentally friendly.
  • 100% GURANTEE; if you have any problem with the consistency of our flashing pet collar you can easily contact us. We're going to do our utmost to help it settle quickly.


This dog collar beats the standard when compared to other dog collars on the market. It is durable and can last for a long time. You should consider buying this collar for your dog because:


This Reflective collar is a Lifesaver: It gives your dog a visibility of 360 degrees. It is 100 times better than any other option as it reflects AND illuminates oncoming light. There's no way anyone won’t see this on your dog. Vehicles will see your dog well in advance 


Multiple Applications: See you and your dog when you are walking, biking, hiking, swimming, riding and motorcycling. You can go with your dog anywhere and in any condition as long as you have the collar on the dog’s neck.


User-Friendly:Convenient, Completely Customizable & Flexible-Change the light with just 1 click between "Flash" and "Glow." The reflective dog collar is no hassle to put on thanks to the quick to use clips. You can easily remove and fix the collar on your dog. Easy way to stay safe at all times.


USB Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight, and Robust & Strong Materials: The Micro USB rechargeable battery (Cable Included) offers up to 20 hours of flashing mode lighting. No difficulty replacing batteries, and no extra costs. It's well-built and stdesigner dog collars,dog collars and leash
urdily built on top of that. You simply won’t be disappointed when you purchase the Rechargeable AIDI – C7 Reflective dog collar.