Your love for your dog is reflected in its accompanying o those adventures. If your adventure would be in the night or early in the morning, that is when you need an AIDI Flashing product H7 LED Dog harness. It is manufactured using advanced technology and would be a perfect fit for any type of dog.

We believe in making high-quality, long-lasting dog gear, which in today's market is above and beyond the standard price. We only produce equipment that allows you and your best friend to go on every adventure together. Our LED dog harness is a game-changer in the pet product harness market as we offer you powerful lighting on your dog harness. This puts it ahead of similar products on the market. Take a look at the top features of our LED dog harness

INBUILT LED LIGHTING:  The AIDI Flashing products H7 LED dog harness is well lighted up and increases your dog's visibility, especially for evening walks. You can rest assured that your dog is safe and won't wander off in the. People can see you and your dog from afar off. The LED also comes in different lightings and can be easily customized.

THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE DOG HARNESS: A dog vest harness active lifestyles: stroll, run/run, climb, swim or camp together. Suitable for outdoor sports & enjoying equality. Our LED dog harness has a handle that helps you to support or monitor your dog.

HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE & EASY ON AND OFF: Longer belts with additional adjustment space will help you find a smart match for your dog/puppies. Our medium-sized dog harness usually suits a middle breed like a male and female Springer Spaniel. Simply slip over your dog's head and click the buckles when modified.

HEAVY-DUTY & EXTRA DURABLE: Made of sturdy military-grade nylon that meets the requirements of at least 130 LBS for national pulling power! Since the first iteration of this brace, we have improved and tripled the strength of the front metal D-Ring and buckles for increased protection and reliability Enables Secure and safe movement of your dog.

NO, PULL TRAINING: The location of the back leash attachment and the soft padding around the neck help to protect your dog's trachea from heavy pulling, while the front leash attachment can be used to guide your canine learn how to heel.neoprene dog harness,no pull dog harness,reversable dog harness

SUPER COMFORTABLE & STYLISH: Our lightweight, transparent trim materials look fantastic and help your furry friend run about comfortably without rubbing or discomfort. If you're not totally happy with our harness look, sound and price we'll replace it or give you a full refund!

DURABLE BATTERY: Our LED rechargeable harness comes with a long-lasting battery and easy charge. One single charge can last you many adventures.  It also comes with a fast-charging USB port that can be plugged anywhere for fast charging.  You also have a seamless battery change at no extra costs.

Going on an adventure with your dog is perfect and would bring better bonding with your best friend. It is a wise idea to invest in their safety by purchasing one of our H7 LED dog harness as it guarantees the safety of you and your dog even in the harshest conditions and darkest atmosphere.neoprene dog harness,no pull dog harness,reversable dog harness

You should consider using this product because we are highly reviewed on the market with many satisfied customers. We produce only quality products that stand the test of time and would be an excellent fit for any dog. Also, we offer user-friendly prices for our fantastic products. You can't go wrong when you decide to purchase one of our H7 Led dog harness as you would be buying it at an unbeatable price. Finally, we offer you a premium guarantee on the product as we believe in the product, and you should too. Invest in the safety of you and your dog today! Purchase one of our LED dog harness, and you would be happy you did!!