Aidi LED Flash Lighting

Aidi LED Flash Lighting

The Aidi LED Flashlight Shoe Clips are designed to be used on any LED flashlight.aidi led flashing shoe clip This makes them portable, useful in emergency situations and a real life substitute for a real flash. These can be used to flash internally when you need to light the way, or externally when you have a long way to go. Most models will contain a built in rechargeable power supply, and they come supplied with two types of fittings - the USB rechargeable flashing shoe clip and the mini USB rechargeable style.


The rechargeable type is designed to be used in the normal manner, but the power supplied to it will need to be changed as and when needed.aidi led flashing shoe clip aidi led flashing shoe clip The mini USB attachment for instance can be used to power up the LED lights on your flashlight or other devices. It means that the clip system can last for hours without needing a replacement.


The LED flashing light kits are a great way to create the illusion of movement in an emergency situation, such as walking through darkened areas or around flammable objects or other dangerous situations. Using the built in power supply to charge the shoe clips will mean you do not risk electrocution whilst walking in these circumstances. A well-designed shoe clip system will also have a number of additional features, such as a built in power supply so that other accessories can be powered up at the same time.


Once you have attached the shoe clip to your LED flashlight, simply insert the top end into the shoe and attach to wherever you want the light to shine. This means that you can have a number of different configurations available, meaning you can have flashing lights for walkers, rescuers or torches. The clip system is compact, making it easy to fit in your pocket or handbag. The LED light from the Aidi LED Flashlight Shoe Clips can be activated either via contact to the clip, using the included rechargeable battery or through direct contact to a sensor clip. Either type will provide you with plenty of lighting for your needs. In the case of the direct contact system, this can be activated using the included transmitter on the flashlight.


The LED flashing shoe clip comes with a length of four, six, eight or ten meter wires, and it also includes a USB connector. A male to female USB cable is also included, which makes it possible to connect the shoe clip to your computer. The USB connector can be used to power the shoe or other device, and a rechargeable battery is dog light collar also included, giving you plenty of lighting options.


The Aidi LED Flashlight Shoe Clips is available in two standard sizes, twenty-one and twenty-two inches. They are a durable wire clip system and will last you between two and five years, depending on how you use the flashing LED light. The clip system is a great choice of flashlight for your everyday needs as well as a special situation. With the different power and dog light collar lengths available, there is no need to carry several different flashlights on hand.