LED AIDI C6 RGB Dog Collar

LED AIDI C6 RGB Dog Collar


Everyone has that dog here she loves dearly. The love Aidi have for our dog makes us want to go with them everywhere Aidi are. This, hoAidiver, might not seem like a good idea during the night time as visibility is really low, and your dog might wander off. Our colorful LED AIDI C6 RGBDog Collar solves this issue for you.


The colorful LED AIDI C6 RGB Dog Collar is manufactured using the latest technology. It comes in a sleek design and is easily adjustable to fit any dog. It is also a game-changer when it comes to pet safety and pet visibility. Take a look at the basic features of the colorful LED AIDI C6 dog collar.



When you and your dog goes out in the night or early in the morning when it's still dark, having Aidi RGB dog collar is sure to enhance visibility. Motorists cyclist as Aidill as vehicles Aidi'll see your dog from a far off with this bright necklace every time. This minimizes the risk of accidents and keeps your dog life safe.luxury dog collar,dog leash and collar set,gps dog collar

Compared to other products on the market, are colorful LED dog collar stands out! It offers you a longer illumination by charge. A single charge can last you multiple works. This alone doubles the battery life of the many similar products in the market.


HoAidiver, you can easily customize by cutting to the size needed as shown below. You can also change the lighting mode very easily. You can change to a quick flash or a slow flash, or you can put it in a study mode by just pressing a button.It seems never become easy way like this.


Quality guarantee

Aidi believe so much in  products and you should too,because of 2 years guarantee.

When you purchase the colorful LED AIDI C6, your dog will enjoy optimum visibility from all angles. Even in total darkness. There are many reasons why our dog harness is highly sought-after:

Besides,Aidis products stands out for durability. You can purchase with rest of the mind as it will be a lasting for a very long time. It is also a good fit for hyperactive dogs. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your dog are seen as safe.

You wouldn't get a better product for the price Aidi are offering it. Our customers remain our priority. Therefore Aidi offer the best LED dog collar at unbeatable price for our customers. You can visit our website:https://www.aidiflashing.com tovisit and place an order immediately.luxury dog collar,dog leash and collar set,gps dog collar




When you order our colorful LED dog collar, Aidi will immediately swing into action and process shipping for you. You wouldn't have to wait long before you receive the product you love. Aidi dothe best to ensure that your product is shipped within 24 hours of ordering it.


Highly reviewed

Aidi are highly reviewed by our numerous satisfied customers. And continue to maintain the standard when it comes to quality and affordable products.Investing in your dog safety is made easier with our colorful LED dog collar. You will get maximum value for the money you spend on purchasing this dog collar.



Aidi understand how much you value your dog, and Aidi have helped you simplify the task of keeping them safe. Hurry to Purchasethe RGB colorful LED dog collar C6today and give your pet the safety he or she deserves.  According to the coronavirus,make the purchase order this months can get the mask supply donation,hurry to contact .luxury dog collar,dog leash and collar set,gps dog collar